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Based Entirely on True Stories


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BOOK 1: Lost in a Bat Cave

WHILE LIVING IN Costa Rica for 11 years, author Dusty Pilot went picnicking with friends at the Damas River. Venturing alongside the river's bank he discovers a small opening on a hillside that leads to a dark, damp cave. The feeling of exploration overcomes him. He returns the following day, alone. What mysteries will he discover? A 14-hour horrifying adventure with twists and turns leads to unexpected discoveries years later in the United States.

To be released JUNE 2016

In 1997, author Dusty Pilot visits a childhood friend, Paula, who is living in Costa Rica. While there, he meets Paula's husband, David, a marine biologist, and the three travel to Isla Bastimento, a tiny Panamanian island. His seven-day stay on the island turns out to be a harrowing experience. However, Dusty falls in love with Costa Rica, and upon his return to the U.S., decides to retire and settle there. Dusty unwittingly falls into a trap, and on his return visit to Costa Rica, he is kidnapped.

A six-part narrative series.
Published by: CreativeWise Publishing
Edition: First
Available in Ebook

Photography by Tom "Photo" Storm


My Costa Rican Nightmares​​​

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