Dusty Pilot

Eastlake, Ohio



Investigated by

the Secret Service?

Under surveillance in a

communist country, like Cuba?

Knocked unconscious

by an earthquake?

In a nightclub

during a shootout?

Trapped in a

volcanic eruption?

Lost alone in a bat cave for 14 hours?

Taping a TV segment when your

balls slip out of your swimsuit?

  "Life is a banquet and most fools are starving to death. Live life to the fullest and try to fulfill all your dreams." This is what my mother, Mimi, always told me. And I followed that advise all through my life. In addition, my philosophy became: Shoot for the stars, and if you only land on the moon, it's better than landing at the bottom of the ladder!

    Maybe this is why I had such a fulfilling, unusual and successful life by my standards and my friends'. achieving ninety-nine percent of my goals and then some. "Dusty, you should write an autobiography. It certainly would make for interesting and entertaining reading," say my friends. I have written about 14 books in the past, but never one about myself, nor do I want to.

    This site will have to do, as new things are still happening and it will be easier to add the experiences here than in a book. This is a tell-all account of my life, but not to worry friends and foe, most names will be changed for obvious reasons.

    Being an inquisitive, hands-on person -- not satisfied by reading or hearing about it -- wanting to experience everything myself, as well as being a creative thinker and doer are traits that shaped my life.

​     There are several reasons I started this site. First, returning to the States after living in Costa Rica for 11 years, I lost touch with most of my friends here. If they Google my name they will end up here with accurate information and a form to fill out to contact me. Forget finding people on the "people finder" sites. I tried typing in names of friends only to find all kinds of claims "we found so and so." They aren't free. I broke down and paid for one. Out of curiosity I typed in my own name and found out all kinds of things about myself that I never knew! Same with friends who's names I typed in. In conclusion, there is a lot of misinformation flying around in cyberspace as well as here on Earth. My second reason: To set the records straight about myself.

    Through this site, even though it wasn't anywhere near completion, I did reconnect with many friends and found that I wasn't forgotten by a slew of fans from my days of writing a syndicated newspaper column and being an on-air personality with NBC and CBS Cleveland affiliate TV stations.

    Being the creative sole that I am, I added a "Table of Contents" to the navigation bar at the top, making it easier for readers as I am writing about the many facets of my life and updating as life goes on.

    Before further reading, I suggest you take a look at the "Introduction" page for information on me. You can access it from "Table of Contents" or the the button below.

     Enjoy, and stop back often as things are always being added. 

Dusty Pilot in Eastlake

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Meet the adventuresome Dusty Pilot

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