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Eastlake, Ohio
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DOB: 03/09/1945

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      "Life  is a banquet and most fools are starving to death.  Live life to the fullest, Dusty, and follow you dreams," said my mother, Mimi. 

     She wisely taught me to be hungry — not for food, but for knowledge. For experience. For living.

     Acting on that wisdom, I scrambled onto the field and played.  Throughout life most of my friends sat in the bleachers watching with envy as I lived my dreams and achieved my goals.  I learned that dreams will forever remain dreams unless you start living them.  That's the real key.

     Like my mom, I developed an appetite for life that was like a fire burning out of control.  Never content just reading about it, hearing about it, looking at it — but having the desire and drive to live it, learn it, feel it, and see it for myself is what satisified my hunger pangs. My natural curiousity opened doors to a mind-boggling banquet to be feasted upon. I feasted, and what an extraordinary experience it turned out to be!  Of course, there were some horrific nightmares along the way. Below are a few examples:

       In a way, I found something blissful, glowing, and exhilarating about the nightmares, too. For sure they broadened my horizens, adding knowledge and experience.