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BOOK I:  Lost in a Bat Cave

Released August 31, 2015

WHILE LIVING IN Costa Rica for 11 years, author Dusty Pilot went picnicking with friends at the Damas River. Venturing alongside the river's bank he discovers a small opening on a hillside that leads to a dark, damp cave. The feeling of exploration overcomes him. He returns the following day, alone. What mysteries will he discover? A 14-hour horrifying adventure with twists and turns leads to unexpected discoveries years later in the United States.

To be released November 2015

In 1997, author Dusty Pilot visits a childhood friend, Paula, who is living in Costa Rica. While there, he meets Paula's husband, David, a marine biologist, and the three travel to Isla Bastimento, a tiny Panamanian island. His seven-day stay on the island turns out to be a harrowing experience. However, Dusty falls in love with Costa Rica, and upon his return to the U.S., decides to retire and settle there. Dusty unwittingly falls into a trap, and on his return visit to Costa Rica, he is kidnapped.

A six-part narrative series.
Published by: CreativeWise Publishing
Edition: First
Available in Ebook

Photography by Tom "Photo" Storm


My Costa Rican Nightmares


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