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----"Life is a banquet, and most fools are starving to death. Live life to the fullest, and try to fulfill all your dreams." This is what my mother, Mimi, always told me. And I always followed that advice.

     In addition, my philosophy became: Shoot for the stars, and if you only land on the moon, it's better than landing at the bottom of the ladder in life.  E.g. At age 20, without any journalism background, I decided I wanted to write for a newspaper. I shot for the stars by calling The Cleveland Press to arrange an appointment with the editor, Tom Boardman, saying I had an original idea for a weekly column.

​     Very confident on the day of the appointment, I walked into his office with three sample how-to columns, along with the finished items in hand. After some discussion and thought, his final reply: "We'll give it a shot and see how our readers respond." I took that as landing on the moon. To make a long story short, after about a year the column was picked up by Newspaper Enterprise (now King Features) and became syndicated nationally. That's when I landed on the star.

Lost alone in a bat cave for 14 hours?

Under surveillance in a communist country, like Cuba?

Investigated by the Secret Service?

Knocked unconscious during an earthquake?

​Trapped in a volcanic eruption?


Meet the adventurous Dusty Pilot

     Maybe this is why I had such a fulfilling, unusual and successful life by my standards and by my friends,' achieving ninety-nine percent of my goals and then some. "Dusty, you should write an autobiography. It certainly would make interesting and entertaining reading," I have been told this many times. I have written 9 books in the past, but never one about myself, nor do I want to.

     This site will have to suffice, as new things are always happening, and it is easy to add new experiences here, whereas not in a book. This is a tell-all account of my life. To my friends and foe, not to worry, some names have been changed for obvious reasons.

Being an inquisitive, hands-on person -- not satisfied by reading or hearing about it -- wanting to experience everything myself, as well as being a creative thinker and doer, are traits that have shaped my life.

     Before reading further, I suggest you take a look at the "Introduction" page for background information on me, such as all the red flags I have sent up, and an in depth account of my encounter with the "people finders."   It can be accessed from the button below.

      Enjoy, and stop back often as things are always being added. Or join my mailing list for updates.

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I flew to a new location.

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