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Dusty Pilot, author

AUTHOR DUSTY PILOT, born March 9, 1945, Cleveland, Ohio, looks at the world as if it were a book.  "If you haven't traveled, you haven't gotten past the first page."

Beginning at a young age, his parent's advice was: "Live life to the fullest, follow your dreams, shoot for the stars, and never give up."

By following that advice, his life became an extraordinary adventure. He became inquisitive about most everything, which opened doors to a mind-boggling banquet, and he feasted. Never content just reading about it, or hearing about it, he developed a zest for living life—seeing it and experiencing it, which led to his becoming a world traveler. He allowed his profound curiosity to wander unleashed....

As a kid, Dusty barely made it through high school because of attention deficit disorder (ADD). But, against all odds, he became a syndicated newspaper columnist at the age of 20, a weekly magazine editor of Ohio's largest evening newspaper at 24, was a local TV personality at 25, and after eight years of local TV, had syndicated TV segments that ran nationally for two seasons. He also founded and ran five successful businesses (one international), had nine creative living books published, traveled the world and retired in Costa Rica where he built three ocean front houses.

Throughout Dusty's life, his inquisitive nature also led to his being investigated by the Secret Service for counterfeiting; detained for a three-hour interrogation at a foreign airport; investigated by the FBI, CIA, and other agencies. He had his phones tapped numerous times, and was under 24/7 surveillance in a communist country. He also lost his high six-figure life savings overnight while living in Costa Rica.

Dusty will share these experiences plus much more — some humorous, some not so humorous, others unbelievable — in a book entitled

A Life As Perplexing As A Rubik's Cube due to be published in 2019. In the meantime, he is writing a four-book collection of short narratives entitled My Costa Rican Nightmares.

His first book in the collection,  Trapped In The Damas Cave - Costa Rica, Terror Beneath The Rainforest, is currently available in all major bookstores and on this website (see the Books page).

"Life is a banquet and most fools are starving to death."

— Mimi Pilot  

Author Dusty Pilot relaxing in downtown Willoughby, Ohio.
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