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Dusty Pilot, Author of Short Stories and More

 Public Speaking Topics

 IN 1966, AT age 21, Dusty Pilot became a popular public speaker after his syndicated avant-garde "Pilot Projects" column began appearing in hundreds of newspapers across the country, including his hometown's evening paper, The Cleveland Press,  Ohio's largest.

During speaking engagements he would demonstrate how to do creative projects such as turning five dollar bills into a rose; making stunning wallcoverings using aluminum foil; transforming Styrofoam insulation panels into Japanese-style folding screens that appeared to be hand carved ivory. The list was endless, and at one point he had been presenting three engagements per week, with the largest audience numbering over 3,000. His public speaking had continued during all his careers over the years, with the last engagement one day before moving to Costa Rica for retirement.

Having enjoyed his retirement in the sunny paradise for 11 years, Dusty returned to the States and began doing the one thing he loves doing most — public speaking. His life experiences led to adding new subjects to his speaking topics. Following are examples.


Serious and humorous: Dusty describes in detail his uncanny experiences with having been investigated by the Secret Service for counterfeiting. How he ended up in Cuba illegally and had been interrogated for more than two hours at the Cuban airport, then placed under 24/7 surveillance during his stay. Being caught in a volcanic eruption. Kidnapped in Costa Rica. Being in a nightclub during a shootout. How he had been held at gunpoint by police in his own home,
of being an intruder. And more if time permits.  


Especially interesting to crafters: 
Dusty demonstrates, with the audience following along, step-by-step how to configure four one dollar bills into a beautiful, lifelike rose. All materials are supplied, except for the four bills, of course. Printed instruction sheets are provided for the rose, and a shirt or blouse that neatly fits inside a greeting card.


Inspirational:  Sharing various methods, approaches, and suggestions on how to achieve your goals in life, Dusty tells how he had changed his own life using this wisdom and achieved his goals against all odds.

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